Welcome to Wild Blossoms Farm

Wild Blossoms Farm is located within the Sacred Sueños community. Our vision is humanity living in harmony with a functioning ecosystem. The project initially began, back before the farm was named, in June 2004, on a remote mountainside in southern Ecuador that had been severely degraded by repeated burning and tilling that resulted in serious soil erosion. The initial objectives of the project were to build an infrastructure and restore the soil fertility in order to sustain a small community within the Seed Camp (where interns and volunteers currently live).

The farm’s main focus has shifted a bit since then, however, our desire to work with and regenerate the land has stayed the same. Our current projects aim to improve soil fertility and increase plant diversity on site, including more edible and medicinal herbs.

Our animals help to facilitate and speed up this process. Rabbits, goats, and horses create manure that can be turned into the compost to improve fertility. Chickens and ducks also provide manure for the gardens as well as foraging for insects to help keep a healthy balance.

Another aim at Wild Blossoms Farm is to provide quality herbal and animal products for our community. We raise our animals with the love and respect that all living things deserve. Our gardens are grown in a way that adds nutrients to the soil and improves bio-diversity. By doing things this way, we hope to be an example of how well kind animal husbandry and holistic garden practices do work.

There are several reasons to love Wild Blossoms Farm’s products. Our herbal and food items are produced using quality, organic ingredients, many of which are grown on site. Our animal products come from rabbits and goats that are healthy, well-loved, and properly cared for. Our animals are fed a natural diet and treated with herbal medicines in the rare case that illness or injury does occur.

To learn more about our specific products, visit us at the Saturday organic market in Vilcabamba or click here.