About Us


I cofounded Sacred Sueños in 2004, making a 15 year commitment to give to the mountainside. After several years developing the Seed Camp, I began work on the Wild Blossom Farm site in 2011. I follow a philosophy integrating regenerative design in all aspects of life. I love creating edible forests and gardens, and raising animals, using ecological mimicry to increase biodiversity and productivity. I also spend a lot of time building things.


I am a Certified Permaculture Designer, herbalist, and, writer. I am passionate about growing medicinal and edible plants, and about making cheese, fermented foods, and a variety of herbal products for body, health, and home. You can find my products for sale at the Vilcabamba Organic Market. I’m also an animal lover who enjoys caring for the dogs, cat, goats, chickens, and ducks that call Wild Blossoms Farm home.

You can read my musings about food, herbs, & homesteading on my blog: vibranceandviolets.wordpress.com

Our Animals

Animals play a big role here at Wild Blossoms Farm. Horses, goats, and rabbits are herbivores that feed on native plants. This helps provide a purpose for plants that thrive here, but we aren’t able to utilize for food or medicine for ourselves. These animals also produce a lot of manure, which provides nutrients to plants and is a wonderful fertilizer for our gardens.

The horses, Jo and Bosque, are important for helping us carry food and materials up the mountain.

Our goat herd, Butters & Maple, helps to control unwanted thorny plants and are a source of fresh milk.

Rabbits are a good source of meat and fiber.

The chickens and ducks produce eggs, as well as manure to help feed the plants on site.

Our dogs, Oso, & Achira, help to protect our smaller animals from other dogs and from wild animals.

Our cats, Adobe & Bodhi, control pests in our home and around the farm.