Red Clover

Red Clover (Trifolium pretense)

The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing states, “Red Clover flower essence is for people who are easily influenced by group energy and get carried along with the crowd. This phenomenon can happen in everyday life, but especially happens during an emergency that affects a group of people. With the heightened fears created by media coverage of terrorist events around the world there is a greater need for this remedy.

If taken just before going into a crowed location such as airports, fairs grounds, sporting events, or rock concerts, Red clover flower essence will help one stay grounded and true to their individuality.

It is specific for the person who finds their own source of individuality being influenced by a strong feeling of ‘hive consciousness’. Red Clover flower essence is particular useful when a crowd is highly charged with panic or hysteria such as is seen during natural disasters, wars, economical crisis, and political or religious events which incite public emotions. In these situations this flower essence will provide self-awareness, allowing the person to stay calm when others are panicking.

Red Clover flower essence can be used when crisis runs through a family like a psychic disease, and the family consciousness becomes stronger than the self-awareness of the individual. Red Clover flower essence can also reduce the feeling of being ‘over-mothered’ and conversely reduce the mother’s need to do so.

In the same way that the Red Clover plant can be used for cleansing the physical body, Red Clover flower essence can cleanse and balance the psychic properties of an individual. It helps a person to be steady and work from their center of truth. In this way Red Clover flower essence calms the emotional body and helps defuse any chain reaction in their electrical system.

Red Clover flower essence can wrap a person in Light as they walk through a sea of confusion. It will help to cleanse and activate the prana tube, clearing energy for the whole body.”

Wild Rose College makes the following recommendations for using red clover flower essence:

For House Balancing (Feng Shui):
Red Clover flower essence can lift the vibrational energy of a house, building or classroom, creating a comforting feeling of home. This lift will also entrain the house or building to a steady rhythm similar to the cadence of an old ‘grandfather’ or chiming clock. Some have called Red Clover flower essence the ‘chiming clock’ essence.”

You may find the following affirmation helpful when working with red clover flower essence: “I am safe and provided for at all times. I can adapt to any situation with grace and confidence.” (WRC)

This flower essence was crafted under the new moon in Gemini with flowers from our gardens & mountain spring water. Our handcrafted apple cider vinegar is added as a preservative.


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