White Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing Encyclopedia of Flower Essences states, “Yarrow flower essence is for protection. The scientific name, Achillea comes from the Greek myth of Achilles. Achilles was a powerful Greek warrior. One day he went to the great healer Chiron the centaur, asking for an elixir that would protect a great warrior such as himself. Chiron brewed up a large cauldron of a special herbal concoction and dipped Achilles into it head first. Achilles was completely coated by this healing elixir except for his one heel where Chiron held onto Achilles when dipping him into the bath. The elixir of protection was like a great shield around Achilles, warding off all enemies’ arrows, lances and other weapons. The elixir worked so well that Achilles again sought advice from Chiron, this time to find a way to heal the wounds of his soldiers. Chiron told him that the main ingredient of the protective elixir was a plant with a white flower that grew in the battle field. Achilles instructed his soldiers to use this plant to stop their bleeding and to heal their wounds. It worked so well that for many centuries this plant became known as “Soldier’s Wound Wort” and “Knight’s Millefoil”. The protection that Achilles received from Chiron’s elixir was almost complete, but in the great battle of Troy he was pierced by a poisonous arrow in his one vulnerable spot, his heel. He died in the court of Troy as his troops were about to celebrate their victory.

This myth gives us an appreciation of Yarrow’s vast protective powers. As a flower essence, White Yarrow will aid in the protection of the etheric and auric bodies. It fills these bodies with a sphere of white light that shields a person from absorbing negative or toxic psychic influences. It is also very effective at protecting a person from electromagnetic interference which can leave them feeling depleted and drained.

White Yarrow is considered the flower essence that works best for Leaky Aura Syndrome (LAS) as it has the ability to increase and strengthen the auric field’s integrity. White Yarrow flower essence helps to create this protection from within a person, instead of obtaining protection from an outside source. Within White Yarrow’s protective sphere, a person is able to maintain compassionate awareness and comfortable sensitivity.

White Yarrow flower essence and the other Yarrow flower essences are important remedies for the younger generation of people often called indigos, crystals or rainbow children, who are at the same time sensitive, vulnerable, and arrogant. The Yarrow flower essences are the most commonly used essences for ADD, ADHD and children with autistic tendencies. In past eras sensitive individuals had the option of traveling to monasteries and temples or other secluded places for training. This option is not as easily available in modern society, and we have to learn to become spiritual warriors in an urban setting. White Yarrow flower essence provides us with ‘psychic armor’ that allows us to move about within a field of protection.

White Yarrow flower essence will help people who are prone to environmental illnesses, allergies and psychosomatic diseases. Often these sensitive people don’t understand why they react to the world around them differently than the ‘average’ person. White Yarrow flower essence will aid in their protection. This flower essence is very versatile and is an important ingredient to be used in formulas to help people navigate their way through these changing times. It is also beneficial for people working in the healing arts, providing protection from the physical, emotional and psychic energies of their clients.

There are three types of Yarrow flower essences. The White Yarrow flower essence is an essence for general protection. It will create a white field of energy around a person and knit together any porous areas of a person’s auric field. Pink Yarrow flower essence is also for protection, but it is more specific for protection of the heart. It helps a person to approach life with an open heart without feeling vulnerable. Pink Yarrow flower essence also helps a person become grounded within them self, allowing them to create meaningful relationships with others. Golden Yarrow flower essence is used for protection at a mental and social level. The Golden Yarrow flower essence helps with communication and can be used by the timid person to come out of their shell, or by the flamboyant person that creates a persona to hide behind. It can be used personally, or can be made into a spray for the room.

All three of the Yarrow flower essences can be used together as a general protective field for sensitive people. This will also work particularly well for animals that have gone through trauma. The Yarrow combination can benefit animals that absorb the stress of the people around them. It has also been used successfully to alleviate pet allergies.”

The following affirmations may be helpful while working with white yarrow flower essence:
“I strengthen my fields with the white light of protection, keeping me open to positive influences
I am the source of my own protection
I attract only those energies that are in harmony with my higher-self” (WRC)

This flower essence was crafted under the full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius with flowers from our gardens & mountain spring water. Our handcrafted apple cider vinegar is added as a preservative.


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